Christmas knitting 2017

As usually happens, I decided in mid-November that I am knitting Christmas presents for four family members. I had one pair of socks already cast on, so that’s just a matter of finishing up, but everything else is a big ol’ slap-dash rush job.

These socks are for my sister-in-law, who I overheard commenting about how all her boot socks have holes in them. I gave her a pair of handknit socks when we were visiting in September, and this is a perfect opportunity to knit for her again. She likes bright colors, and this mystery rainbow yarn has been lurking in my stash waiting for an assignment for a while. The red main color is Heritage sock yarn, a trusty workhorse that will stand up to lots of washing and wearing, and keep its color.

I bought this yarn at SAFF in October, and I knew right away that it was for my mom. It’s Neighborhood Fibre Co.’s sock yarn in the colorway Banksy, and it’s lovely. I’m thinking some Syncopation Socks are just the thing. They’ll be simple enough to show off the lovely colorway, but the stitch pattern is interesting and they’ll be pretty warm. These still haven’t been started.

You’ve seen these before…

This combination has been on my list for a long time, as you probably recognize. They’re Manos del Uruguay’s Alegría in Columbina, and Schmutzerella Yarns’ Superwash Sock in Let’s Make a Teal. I’ve planned sweaters to no success, and dabbled in shawl patterns, but I finally found something that will come together. I’ve been eyeing the Severin fair isle beanie for a little bit, and while looking through my stash I found these yarns and it clicked.

I’m holding the sock yarns double, so the fabric is thick, but it’ll relax when blocked and the design will be a little clearer. I think it’ll look great, and I hope my cousin likes it. She’s 17 and lives in the midwest, so a brightly colored warm hat should be just the thing. Do you think a fur pompom on top would be an improvement, or would it be too much?

I’m also working on a very simple, very plain hat for my brother-in-law. He works outside a fair amount, so a thick, warm, workhorse of a hat (in a relatively manly color, of course) will hopefully get some use. The pattern is improvised (it’ll be tiny, masculine cables once I’m finished with the brim ribbing), the yarn is Heritage sock held with a super soft mystery cotton/wool blend.

Wish me luck with all the knitting. There’s enough time, I just need to focus!


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