Stashdown 2017- End of October

I sent a pile of handspun and handknit items with my dad to the Earthskills Rendezvous earlier this month. For earthskills gatherings, I try to offer up accessories and materials made with natural materials, in colors that are darker or more neutral. I was pretty happy with the selection I sent, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that a number of skeins of handspun yarn sold, along with a couple pairs of fingerless gloves. I hope the mitts keep their new wearers warm, and that some happy crafters are now making wonderful things with my handspun!

Handspun, hand-dyed fingerless mitts dyed with madder root.

On the yarn collection front, I’m not doing quite as well as I’d like. This year’s FibreShare was really lovely, and I was happy that most of the goodies I sent my partner were from my stash. However, the danger and glory of FibreShare is that a package came for me as well, and while the treats inside were beautiful and fun, they do still have mass and weight. So, into the dresser they go. The neon DyeforKnitting yarn is really fun, and I haven’t worked with colors that bright before. It isn’t usually my style, but I think it’ll be interesting to come up with something for this color palate. It reminds me of tropical bird feathers, particularly when paired with the soft gray. I’m excited about the Zauerball, too; German sock yarn is hearty and tough, and I really like socks with that kind of wear. They may not be soft, but they’re warm and they last forever. The Sea Turtle Fiber Arts yarn has a similar color scheme to some other sock yarn I have, and I’m considering adding it all together to stretch it a bit. 

In searching for the right yarn for Wes’ sweater, I ended up collecting a lot of yarn from my dear friend Pat. She’s been slowly but surely distributing her friend’s stash, and whenever I’ve needed yarn for a project, she’s had some options for me. This time around, I gave a new home to two sweaters’ worth of yarn that didn’t quite work for Wes, so I’ll be figuring out what to do with it in the coming months.

There are about ten skeins of this Araucania wool. This is the same stuff I made my Robin Hoodie from last year, but the color is a little more intense than that green.


The other yarn I considered for Wes’ sweater was this olive green tweed. It’s nice yarn, but there wasn’t quite enough of it and it’s a little on the thick side.

When I was in Portland, as I mentioned last week, I brought home a bit of yarn. I knew it would happen, and I think I did a good job of not getting too sucked into the magic of the LYS (local yarn shop), even though Charleston doesn’t have one and I really wish it did.

I couldn’t resist this local-to-Portland sock yarn. Ritual Dyes is a fantastic dye studio, and I fell in love with this colorway (Rose Gold) the second I saw it.

I also accepted Steph’s destashing offerings, including the squishy, comfy leftovers that made up this hat. It took me just a couple hours to whip this up, and it went to Rendezvous with my dad earlier this month.

I made this hat in the car between Portland and Eugene, using some deliciously soft and cozy leftovers my friend Stephanie destashed to me.

Lastly, this weekend was the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival near Asheville, NC. My knitting group rented a cabin and made a weekend of it, enjoying the crisp mountain air and the amazing view from the cabin’s front porch along with a morning of wandering around the festival, touching soft things and admiring creative color combinations and all the neat tools and accessories the vendors had to offer. I only bought one skein of sock yarn and a bit of Finn roving (a breed of sheep I’ve never spun before), but I came away with some major spinning inspiration and a renewed vigor for my destashing efforts. After all, how can I justify buying new toys when I haven’t used the ones I already have?

I loved this colorway immediately, and I think it’ll be a hit with my mom. I’m not sure if she needs another pair of socks, but I do want to make something for her with this.

I loved seeing all the roving and fiber at SAFF, and though I really do have enough materials to make a whole lot of yarn, I had to try something new. I stumbled into a sweet booth with a delightful, grinning baby in the back corner, and once I started touching the different wool being displayed, I realized that I hadn’t heard of any of the breeds before. I gravitated toward a dark brown Finn roving at first, then saw the cream color and thought about the dyeing possibilities with this springy, fluffy, squishy, long-staple wool.

I bought this Finn fiber from a Virginia farm. I wasn’t planning to buy any fiber, but this stuff is really light and springy, and I’ve never worked with it before. I’m excited to try something new.

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