Travel Knitting

The blog has been rather quiet lately, due to some exciting happenings in my life. First, we narrowly avoided a repeat of last year with Hurricane Irma. Charleston got lucky, much luckier than other folks, and our only damage was a fence that we were going to take down anyway and a dent in a sheet metal shed that we were able to pop back into shape.

I started a hat in the airport, but it really didn’t end up being what I wanted. It was good to have something to do on the plane, but I frogged it by the time we arrived in Oregon.

The day after the hurricane would have hit, had it not changed course (what a stressful weekend…), we headed to the west coast for 10 days and enjoyed two weddings in about 26 hours, nearly 1200 miles of driving, and visiting with everyone we could fit into a couple days here and a couple hours there. All that driving time meant lots of knitting for me, and I was able to finish a couple projects while we were gone. The weather was perfect, our families and friends were delightful, and we got engaged! I also accumulated a very large amount of yarn and spent a bit more than I meant to at a delightful yarn shop in Portland that’s owned by a dear friend of a dear friend, but I’m pretty content with it.

While we were traveling, I finished these stashbusting socks for myself. They’re comfy and cute, and I take a huge amount of joy at how the stripes don’t line up at all. I did that on purpose.

I also whipped up a simple colorblock hat and started a couple other small projects, including a slouchy beanie with some fun pooling experimentation. As usually happens when I visit, my friend Stephanie gave me a pile of goodies and I couldn’t help but buy some treats at the local yarn shop. My destashing efforts were less than impressive, but everything I brought home is wonderful quality and, you have my word, will be used up!

The self-striping yarn is mystery sock yarn my dad traded for, and the plain brown is mystery leftover yarn that my friend Stephanie destashed to me. This hat is soft and cozy, and I hope it finds a happy home!

The striped Stashdown socks I mentioned in August were finally finished right before we left, so I brought them to wear on our trip. While we were visiting Wes’ brother and his family, I overheard his sister in law mentioning a hole in her last pair of winter socks, and I knew that my time had come! I sprang into action and raided my suitcase, and in mere moments, Alycia had a new pair of thick socks to wear with boots. Knitters really do have superpowers.

I made these socks for myself, as stashbusters, but they found a toasty new home with Wes’ sister in law Alycia.

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