Taking a step back

As happens periodically, I let my excitement for new projects get ahead of my actual wardrobe needs. Rather than continuing with THREE sweaters and a few sewing projects about which I’m neither excited nor confident, I’m going to take a break from ambitious, completely unnecessary crafting and focus on spinning (downsizing my fiber stash), smaller projects to sell at gatherings (downsizing my non-sock yarn stash), and socks that will actually be worn (downsizing my sock yarn stash).

Now is the time for my blue and yellow colorwork socks to finally get the love they deserve! I first improvised them while in rehearsal for the Eugene Opera, in the late fall of 2014. I adored them and wanted nothing more than to show them off constantly, but the shape of the foot was wrong and my tension made them far too tight in the ankles to even pull them on, much less wear them. They’ve been frogged twice, and no previous attempts have stuck, but I’m determined to work it out this time.



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