Basic, but not necessary

Between Fibreshare and souvenir yarn shopping, I’ve collected two sweaters’ worth of yarn that I think is calling out to be made into fun cardigans. I currently have the same silhouette in mind for each of them- a Riverside, with all its lovely ribbing and interesting shoulder shaping, perhaps as a cardigan. However, I’m also really charmed by Confetti, and I think the crazy colorful spots in the Colombina would be really pretty with the deep turquoise as a contrast.

20170528_083626The Alegria Colombina and Schmutzerella Let’s Make a Teal are fun and gorgeous together, but there wasn’t quite enough to make a full sweater, so I bought two additional skeins of Colombina through Ravelry. The three skeins don’t quite match each other (it’s interesting to see how different this colorway has been through its many dye lots), but I think it’ll be easy enough to blend them in a way that won’t be too visible. Confetti requires about one skein of the secondary color, which will be the turquoise, and about two skeins of the primary color.

uxewemczp4nx5ld2pre4enaecl5vre0baw0oakdtvknw1jjjbi7cgvqavbw9a_zt-pns0ymsra3znf71n695konzesumdxy-zknd_medium2Because the Colombina was such a wild card, I got started on the second sweater idea, a Riverside using KnerdString’s merino/nylon fingering weight yarn in Rhymes with Seal and KnitPicks’ Stroll fingering weight in Koi Pond. It’s gorgeous, and I love the colors, but I’m concerned about some of the pattern instructions and I think it’s going to be quite a bit bigger than I want it to be.

Obviously, these sweaters will not be filling any holes in my wardrobe, and I find that despite my excitement for the yarn and choosing patterns, I’m not jumping into casting them on. I’ve been paying more attention to my embroidery projects and to purging my yarn and fabric stash, and leaning more towards starting small, stash-busting projects for sale, for the household, or for gifts.

I thought I’d cleanse my palate with a quick hat, so I cast this on last night. The yarn has been sitting in my stash for quite a while (the beige is from Fibreshare last year, the top right coral color is from Fibreshare two years and one address ago, and the bottom red is recycled from a Bins sweater from Portland at least five years and five addresses ago), so I’m excited to set it free and hopefully send it on its way to a head that needs warming. I’m not sure yet what chart I’ll add in, but I’ve been dazzled by stripy Fair Isle designs lately and may lean in that direction.


2 thoughts on “Basic, but not necessary

  1. GIRL, WATCH OUT, that columbina BLEEDS, muddy mess is what you get if you’re not very very careful! I used it in helical stripes for some socks and it kept the separation between the white spots better that way but LOOK OUT. I made a whole hat in it and it bled so unattractively that i got pissed and dyed the whole hat a grim beige with black tea. Then I gave it away to a color unaware dude. I was angry because i love the colors. love.


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