My basic slip: Summer of Basics #2

6-19-2017 2-00-43 PM

For another of my “Summer of Basics” projects, I’ve also been considering making layering camisoles and slips to go underneath knitted tops and dresses. I don’t usually wear slips or camisoles, but they’re clearly a good idea to go with lacy or sheer garments.


I found a very flattering, sheer, vintage dress at the Goodwill bins, but it had no slip/underlayer with it, so I plan to make the Lisbon slip to go underneath it. The dress originally had big puffy, flowy sleeves with shoulder pads, but I removed them and hemmed the raw edges to keep the disco vibe but ditch the dated silhouette. The fabric is quite crisp and gauzy, so removing the excess will make it a bit cooler and more wearable in the summer here. The Lisbon slip is another Seamwork pattern, like my Patsy skirt, and I’m going to use some very lightweight pink fabric and peach-colored lace that my Grandma de-stashed to me last summer.


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