Visible mending and garment rehabilitation

I have a number of articles of clothing that, due to stains, holes, or brand logos that keep me from wearing the garment as-is, are calling out for embroidery.

IMG_8228This dress came from a garage sale in New York about five years ago, and I remember spending $2 on it. This was during a notable peak in my Fleetwood Mac fandom, and all its fringe just screams Stevie Nicks. I’ve worn it at the beach and while performing in a psych-rock blues band (Voodoo Banana) over the summer after I graduated college, and I was able to wear it to work back when I worked at a bead store and could dress much more casually. Somewhere in the last couple years the back shoulder section developed an age stain and frayed section, due to being packed in a box or getting sunscreen spilled on it or it ending up on some floor, who knows.

IMG_8240It’s not too noticeable if I’m going to the beach, but why leave it visible when I can decorate over it?

IMG_8245These are plain old straightforward shorts from Target. I bought them about two years ago when I arrived in Charleston and realized I didn’t own nearly enough summer clothing. It appears that either while cleaning or through a laundry accident, they came into contact with some bleach. This is not the end of their life, by any stretch, especially since I can add a pretty design to cover the faded spots and distract from their awkward placement.

IMG_8249This hoodie, a very generous gift from family last Christmas, is exceptionally comfortable and very warm. I love the shearling lining and the fact that it’s roomy enough to be a fantastic layer. However, I really don’t wear clothes with labels, especially not ones this front and center. I thought about gingerly snipping off the patches and surrounding stitching that came with the jacket, but that will inevitably leave a series of stitch marks (a footprint of sorts) that will never quite go away. I plan to remove the stitching and the patches, then cover them with something a bit more personalized and stylish.

Customizing and personalizing my clothing (and home decor) in order to extend its life or make it more wearable and enjoyable is just as valid as making my own clothing from scratch (or more so, since my aim is to conserve energy, money, and resources)! These are all clothing items that I could  have tossed or let languish in the back of my closet for years, but now I’ll be able to get great use out of them, enjoy them much more, and not buy replacements for them.


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