June’s Stashdown update

IMG_8235Since the end of April when I last posted an update, I have downsized pretty admirably. In addition to finally knitting up some cotton and silk that have been lurking for over a year now, I’ve removed a fair amount of yarn that I know I just won’t use. Some of it isn’t great quality, but most of it is perfectly lovely and just not my style. My ongoing tally of skeins in and skeins out is here, on a Ravelry project tracking page.

Where did all this mohair come from? And how do I make it go away?!

Mohair (so much mohair!?!), chunky yarn that isn’t Lopi, novelty yarns with sparkles or extra threads… These are things that look nice as yarn, or look like fun to a younger or beginning knitter, or are rejects from someone else’s stash that I ended up adopting but I will never actually use. Most of this stuff has been around for so long that I have no idea where it even came from or what its label said (when it had a label). I’ve definitely had some of it for more than four addresses, perhaps even longer than that. There are plenty of things in my stash that I will use and I am excited to work with, but to these hangers-on, I say good riddance!


2 thoughts on “June’s Stashdown update

  1. the “Mohair” red and blue twisted skeins are Nylon. Mango Moon. I gave it to you because i used it for sock heel and toe reinforcements and you were stoked on that idea. but if it’s gone, so be it. I never get to do the toe heel trick for shop sample socks now so mine is all just sitting too.


    1. I remember that, but in all the socks I’ve made over the years the red and blue were never an acceptable color match. I’ve used coordinating colors and thicker/stronger yarn for toes and heels, but the primary colors didn’t work out. I still have them, do you want me to bring them back in September?


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