My basic skirt: Summer of Basics #1

Well, I spontaneously purchased a membership to Seamwork. I didn’t set out to do that, but I was looking at their free patterns and noticed their membership perks- two patterns for $6 every month is pretty darn good, and if I determine that I don’t like their instructions/layout or if I use all the patterns I think I’d actually like, I can cancel. Seems like a worthwhile deal to me! The first pattern I downloaded was the Patsy skirt, a lovely A-line peasant skirt that I hope will be the right blend of retro, comfortable, and flattering for me. I mentioned looking for a skirt pattern as one of my Summer of Basics projects, and I think I’ve found it!

I love the retro feel of this pattern, and combined with this top, it’s perfection. Also, isn’t she the most beautiful pattern model you’ve ever seen?

I tend to favor a silhouette of fitted, knee-length skirts with boxy tops, but I’m expecting that this will fit into my wardrobe beautifully during the hot months in Charleston. I’ll try to use stash fabric for this one, but I’m not sure I have enough yardage of anything in the right weight. If I need to buy a couple yards of fabric, I will likely look for something with a print, probably stripes or a floral pattern. I’ll also need a zipper and interfacing, which are not entirely new to me but still an adventure. I’m imagining my versions of Patsy as a plaid flannel with leggings and boots for the winter, a light vintage floral pattern with a t-shirt and heels for the spring, a solid color like a chambray with a tank top and sandals for summer, and nautical stripes with a lightweight sweater and flats for the fall. How pretty, and how versatile!


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