Fading Everything

20170527_150307 The “color melting” feature of the Find Your Fade shawl has totally stolen my heart. I’ve thought about making another shawl based on the Find Your Fade, but a LOT smaller (because mine ended up being gigantic) and perhaps with a heavier weight yarn- a quicker, less repetitive, more wearable knit- and I have a few ideas about sweaters as well.

20170530_133141I’ve also thought almost non-stop for the last few months about making a summer top, in some heavier Noro and fancy cotton that have been in the stash for a year or so now. I started a bottom-up somewhat-“faded” racer-back tank that will be lovely as a beach cover-up or a casual evening top.

20170602_142455The “fading” is pretty subtle, since the Noro is striped, but I really enjoyed working with these colors. The two skeins of Noro were worked in stripes so that the color changes were spread out a bit, and I started the arm shaping/straps once I shifted to the plain turquoise cotton yarn. Since the original pattern calls for sport weight yarn, and I’m using something closer to Aran weight on larger needles, I’m following the numbers for the smallest size but the finished product will be much looser on me, closer to how a large might fit.

20170602_142436I’ve shaped it to be pretty A-line and I did a short-row hem in the back, and I’m hoping the fit will be on point for casual summer wear that is still flattering. When it’s finished and washed, I’ll see how long it is and whether I like the straps, racer back, and arm shaping.

20170528_083626If I do, I think this will be a great pattern for additional color-melting opportunities. I have some other beautiful yarns in quantities that would be perfect for combining (in some fun faded stripes) to make tank tops- two skeins of sock yarn will make a lovely top that’s long enough to be flattering but not so long that it sags.



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