Summer of Basics

Once again, Karen over at Fringe Association has hit upon something I’ve been considering for a long time, and has turned it into an event! She is presenting a challenge to the internet’s makers for a “Summer of Basics,” where we are invited to make three basic garments over the next three months. I’ve been thinking about stepping back into sewing, and this is the kick in the pants that I need! I drafted a post about Me-Made May 2017, but seeing as it’s June 1, I clearly dropped the ball… I love the idea of Me-Made May, but my sewing game is sadly lacking and I didn’t get any opportunities to wear wool aside from a pair of ankle socks and a shawl while at work.

I still have a fair amount of fabric in my stash, and of course I have all the yarn anyone could ask for, so I don’t think I’ll need to do much shopping (if any) outside of things like zippers. Since I have a desk/government job, my basics will need to be pretty simple and professional. Here’s what comes to mind for basics for me.

  • Knee-length skirt, likely A-line. Something like this from Liesl + Co. would be lovely, though I might want something a little more fitted to go with the boxy tops below. 
  • Flowy maxi skirt, maybe in a knit fabric. I like this one with the waist tie quite a bit. While I’m at it, those wide-leg pants are pretty cute too!
  • Boxy sleeveless top, perhaps a little cropped. This one might be knit, as I’ve been drooling over the Tegna top for a while now, but there are some great sewn options too. Honestly, the white top shown with the maxi skirt above is pretty adorable! 
  • Button-down top, probably short-sleeved. I have this pattern, and I attempted a dress with it last year, but I think the top might be really cute. It would check the “boxy sleeveless top” box as well.
  • Shirt-dress or other knee-length dress. I probably wouldn’t go for a pattern this expensive, but I do love the pockets and the curve in the hem. This is Fen, from Fancy Tiger Crafts.  

I have sweaters and casual clothes, and I have a lot of clothes that I don’t like very much. I don’t shop very often, so things fall through the cracks and I often feel pretty bored by what I have in my closet. Stashdown2017 is going strong in my yarn stash, but the fabric hasn’t been touched yet- so here we go!


4 thoughts on “Summer of Basics

    1. I think I’m going to go for it! Karen’s suggestion of creating a whole outfit, where all three pieces go together, has really stuck in my mind. Maybe the wide-leg trousers, a boxy knit lace top, and a cami or other sort of undershirt to go underneath it? So many possibilities!


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