Fading my Stash


I am so happy with my Find Your Fade shawl. It’s been perfect car/lunch break/TV knitting, and it’s a wonderful use of stashed sock/fingering weight yarn that, let’s be honest, I was saving for sentimental reasons and not necessarily practical ones. It has decreased my stash by nearly five and a half skeins, making it the ideal project for Stashdown 2017.


It will also be the perfect addition to my wardrobe when it’s finished, both because a shawl/light throw is the best layer for the A/C chill in my new office, and because the colors complement so much of what I wear on a regular basis. Black, teal, oatmeal, gray, and navy tend to be my go-to colors, and there isn’t much in my closet that won’t go well with this piece. I wasn’t exactly strategic in my color choices, but it turns out that my stash is relatively coordinated!


Two other knitters in my knit group are working on this pattern as well. They’re both using pre-packaged kits of gradient yarn, which makes for some fascinating color play, and I’m excited to see how their projects come out when they’re finished. There’s certainly added drama when the yarn you’re using changes colors as you knit. It’s been fun watching the color blending come together over the last few weeks, and I love the variation in style, speed, and gauge between three different knitters working on the same pattern. I’m using needles one size larger than the pattern calls for, and it’s incredible how much looser, heavier, and wider my shawl is than the others. I’m using a bit more yarn than they are, and I’m going to end up with a blanket shawl rather than a scarf shawl, and that’s perfect.

20170517_093727I have one more color to add after I finish this section, and I haven’t yet decided whether I want to use the tan or the teal. I think the tan will make more sense with the color progression, since the teal is so similar to the variegated teal swath in the widest part of the shawl, but the teal is so lovely that I want to showcase it. Perhaps it should be saved for another project where it can be front and center.



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