Sweater knitting

I finished another sweater last month, and while it’s gorgeous and I’m very happy with it, it’s highly impractical for Charleston… The original pattern is a steeked cardigan, with small cables running down either side of the front. It’s an attractive pattern, but the cables really didn’t do anything for me. I thought about making it a cardigan in my usual fashion, knitting flat rather than attempting the steeks, but the idea of a pullover sounded really nice. I wasn’t sure how the yoke would turn out, so I decided to make the sweater inside out- from the center up, then the center down. I made a provisional cast-on for the yoke, making the appropriate number of stitches for a size between small and medium (without the extra couple of stitches for the steek), beginning just where the sweater would be separated for the body and sleeves. I then followed the yoke pattern as written (more or less), and tried it on to make sure it was the right size and depth.

Once the yoke was finished, I picked up those provisional stitches and finished knitting as though it were a top-down sweater, separating for the sleeves and shaping a little at the waist. In the photo above, you can see (beneath the kitty, who loved snuggling with this when it was a WIP) the sleeves on holders and the body half-finished, with the yoke complete. I made some medium-length cuffs and a matching length hem, and aside from its Charleston-inappropriate weight, it’s a lovely sweater and it fits beautifully!

It’s strange to wear a Lopi sweater with shorts, but the cat seems to approve.

I wrote about my intentions to make this sweater a while ago, and I wonder if the time has come for it to be a reality. I have a couple other things on the needles, namely my colorwork socks, but I’d like something large and mindless to work on while listening to podcasts or in the car. I plan to knit this in the same manner as the Lopi sweater featured here- inside out, with the yoke as written, then finishing the body and sleeves top-down. I also plan, at this point, to make it as a pullover rather than as a cardigan. If I end up making it as a cardigan, I certainly won’t do the steeking. As time-consuming as it is, I’d happily purl in colorwork rather than cutting into something I made! It’s too permanent. Even the most well-worn of garments has the potential to be unraveled if necessary, as I’ve been experiencing with my navy and yellow socks, but once something is steeked, it’s beyond all hope!


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