New year, new knits

Happy 2017! Our New Year’s tradition is to take a weekend away to a place we’ve never been before, and for Wes to drive the whole time so that I can knit.

20161231_110040In keeping with that tradition, we enjoyed a quick trip to Savannah last weekend and I took advantage of a LYS sale at Unwind Yarn and Gifts, purchasing some lovely sock yarn and some additional pink yarn for my activist knitting.

In addition to the pink hats I’m knitting, which I’ll devote another post to later this month, and the blue socks that have been brewing for a little while, I’ve started another pair of socks for Wes and have a couple sweater ideas percolating. The Joyride cardigan, which I mentioned a couple months ago, is moving up my queue and will most likely happen soon, but I’m enjoying, as I’ve written here many times before, how useful and how approachable sock knitting is. They’re easy to carry with you in a project bag, they’re finished relatively quickly, they’re a fantastic canvas for small stitch patterns or color combinations, and they make lovely gifts.

img_20170103_154036 My Syncopation Socks are coming along, and I’m very happy with them so far. The colors are a great combination, and the blue yarn is delightful to work with. It’s the right balance of supple and soft, lightweight and sturdy. This skein came from my most recent FibreShare partner, Ashley, and I love the variegated blue. It’s the colorway Industrial in the weight Show Stopper, from dye shop Leading Men Fiber Arts. I love everything else on their website, too, and I hope to knit with their yarn again. The red is Regia Pairfect yarn in Nautica, which is left over from Christmas sock knitting.

img_20170103_154515The Syncopation pattern is very simple, and it’s not ostentatious, but it provides a really nice texture, especially for a slightly variegated colorway. I plan to use the red for the heels and cuffs as well, and I think I’ll make these socks mid-length so that they’re wearable with most of my boots.

20170104_150251I also started a fresh pair of socks for Wes, who has a number of my handknit socks but could always use more. His stash of handknit socks is getting a bit worn, so I think he’s due for some new ones. I think he’s also about due for some subtle, simple, masculine socks, as I may have taken advantage of his indifference to “ugly” or garish sock colors until now. These are a standard toe-up pattern in Jojoland Rhythm superwash wool, with a Cascade Heritage sock yarn toe (and heel, eventually).


Since I have a good stash of Reynolds Lopi left after my elephant vest of last year, I’ve been eyeing several yoked sweaters on Ravelry. The Weatherman sweater is a particularly intriguing design, and I think it’ll be my first foray into yoked sweaters. I have the dark gray and umber yarns from last year, along with white, slate blue, brick red, and a medium gray for the background. The photo above was was posted on Ravelry by user Elred.


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