Moving toward the light

I’m very happy to be past the winter solstice this year. I’ve been feeling the longer nights and shorter days more this year than in previous years, and it’s reassuring to know that we’re almost halfway through our time here in the lowcountry.

As happens occasionally when circumstances are bringing me down, I’ve been in a knitting funk. I created two new hats and a cowl to donate to Charleston’s mosque, and I unearthed about six other hats and three other scarves to accompany them. As happy as that makes me, I know that I can always count on learning a new skill, taking on a huge challenge, or taking a break to shake the funk.

A couple months back, my dear friend Kim gave me a thrift store sweater. It was incredibly fine, 100% cashmere, in a lovely pale gray-blue.

20161228_213734 It took me a while, but I eventually unraveled the whole sweater and I think that just one sleeve will be plenty for this lovely shawl I’m diving into. I didn’t bother to soak or hang the yarn before knitting with it, so until it’s finished and blocked, the pattern won’t be very clear.

img_20161228_135916 The yarn is quite curly, but every time I stretch it out, I fall in love with the leaves. The pattern is Lace Leaf Fall Shawl, by Venera Sharipova. The pattern is written out as a chart, which is very easy to follow.

img_20161228_140625 I really like the lace, and I really like how tedious and fiddly it is. It’s the kind of complicated project I wanted right about now, although it hasn’t required that I learn a new skill. Brioche knitting next, I think!

message_1482537390164One of the Christmas knits I made but couldn’t show you was this framed elephant swatch. You may remember the modified Cowichan vest I made last year, and my dad requested this for his new house. The colors are the same, and the chart is pretty much the same, and I hope it’s gorgeous in his elephant-themed home. I don’t love the frame, but I do like how minimal it is and how well the black sets off the orange.

message_1482697615722Another project I pursued while not knitting over the holidays was transplanting all of my aloe pups. I was given an aloe plant soon after we moved here, and since the weather here is so perfect for aloes, they’ve filled their containers with little baby aloes. I’ve sold some at the farmers market, I’ve given some as gifts, and I hope to continue sending them out into the world. I haven’t found a place in Charleston to sell them, but hopefully that will happen this year.

20161229_073003-1Once last project to show off before I get back to knitting my Lace Leaf is this sweet little bathroom decor piece. I thought about tracing an intricate design similar to the curtains I made earlier this year, but ended up freehanding these sweet daisies. I think it’s whimsical, and as you know, I really enjoy personalizing absolutely everything in our house.


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