Paying it forward

My Christmas knitting is done, everything has been wrapped and the packages are ready to be mailed, and I’m thinking about what to knit next. I’m dabbling in some embroidery, playing with some more sock knitting, and throwing myself into running again, but I like having a big project. Or lots of little projects.

So, along with the other members of my knitting group, I’m working on a pile of hats, scarves, and lap blankets for various charities here in Charleston. In addition to clearing out the single and partial skeins or colors that I don’t think I’ll ever wear, it’s an opportunity to do good for the community and stop myself from making things simply for the sake of making things, while still keeping busy and feeling productive.

20161216_131140I went through my stash and pulled out the yarn I’d be happy to part with, which is what you see here. Then I dug a bit deeper and pulled out the yarn I didn’t necessarily want to part with but it’s practical for me to do so, like the stuff that just isn’t my color, works in progress that I definitely won’t finish, or stuff that just doesn’t speak to me. I plan to knit all of this, or as much as possible while it’s still cold this season, into warm accessories for the community of Charleston. I’m envisioning mostly hats in kid and adult sizes, a number of scarves and cowls, and a couple small blankets if time and materials allow. Additionally, most of my finished projects that didn’t sell at previous gatherings will be donated as well. Why hold onto them? They’re not keeping anyone warm folded up in a tub.


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