Christmas knitting

I get less and less enthralled with Christmas every year. As I create a life that I enjoy and find comfortable, I find that I don’t want more stuff in my house, and I don’t wish clutter on the people I love. However, the urge to create cozy, lovely things for those people is still strong. I hope that knitting things for my family and friends means that I’m giving them things that will be used, things that won’t take up much space (physical or mental), and things that truly convey love and warmth.

With that said, here’s what I have on the needles. Aside from Wes’ hat, I’ve been busy with socks, another hat, a shawl, and a swatch for a wall hanging.

img_20161207_115407I’ve been slooooowly chipping away at these simple toe-up, two-at-a-time socks. There’s nothing fancy about the pattern, but I am using the fabulous Regia Pairfect in the color Nautica, which I love. I can’t justify not using the yellow yarn that’s meant to indicate when the knitter should begin or end and switch to the second sock, and I’m doing these two-at-a-time, so it’s clear that I can’t follow instructions. However, I wound the two socks’ worth in a way that I could still make the socks match “pairfectly,” and even though I’m throwing the instructions to the wind, they end up working out pretty well. Instead of using the stripes as guides for when to knit certain parts of the sock (and instead of knitting top-down, so that the blue section is the cuff), I’m letting the color changes happen wherever they fall, and I like it.

20161207_121356Another pair of socks that have slowly been taking shape, though they’ve been at about this level of completion for several weeks now, is this Sacre du Printemps for my grandma. She chose the yarn when we went yarn shopping together in August, and I still think the colorway is just delightful. It’s Pagewood Farms‘ Denali sock yarn in the colorway Grasshopper, which I think is now discontinued. That’s unfortunate, because I would love some more of this stuff for myself. I really love when variegated yarn is inconsistent- there are flecks of black and white and acid green and hunter green- because it makes knitting more interesting. I hope my grandma enjoys that the two socks will be different, one with more dark variations and one with more light.

img_20161206_121748My aunt Michele requested a hat last year, and I gleefully made one for her. She loved it, and wore it, but it accidentally got washed and felted, so this year she gets another one. I think the colors suit her well, and the geometric pattern is simple enough for her to wear it often but pretty enough that I loved making it. The chart came from the free mitten pattern Ruba’iyat, which is gorgeous. I’m not much of a mitten knitter, but I will surely drool over an intricate color chart like that one, and you can bet I’ll be poaching the design for other things in the future.

14592069_179517819181370_9096125981374021632_n_medium2Another finished project, as of a couple days ago, is this Light and Up shawl. This shawl is for my mom, who visited last month and complemented (ever so subtly) my Light and Up and its magical, slippage-preventing tassels. For now, the components are done but not yet blocked, and the tassels are waiting to be added at the last minute. I’ll post a finished photo when the whole thing comes together, and hopefully the recipient will send a photo when she wears it.

The last holiday knit I’d like to show you is finished, but not yet blocked, and it definitely needs to have the colorwork settle a bit before it’s photogenic enough to share. I’m very happy with how it turned out, and I think its recipient will be thrilled!


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