Early gifts

Our household isn’t big on traditions. At least, we’re not big on the traditions that most other folks are into, like the actual dates of holidays. If the mood strikes, we can happily celebrate early! On Saturday night, Wes and I got excited and exchanged a couple gifts, and now I can share his with you!

Throughout the fall, we were hooked on a great BBC show called Hinterland, which is on Netflix. It’s filmed in Wales, and the show is released both in English and in Welsh (it’s shot twice- all of the main actors are bilingual). Of course, we watch the English version, but we’re always struck by the gorgeous Welsh countryside and by the great cold-weather clothes worn by both the main characters and the incidental ones (there’s apparently a huge online to-do about DI Rhys’ coat, which I also think is pretty fabulous).


The main character of the show, DCI Tom Mathias, wears this fabulous hat in many of the episodes. I could feel the collective inhalation of any and all knitters watching the show, because this thing is a perfect gift for dudes! It’s interesting enough that it’s not a complete yawn to knit, and attractive enough that we actually want to make it, but simple and straightforward enough that most guys would actually want to wear it. Plus, it uses just the right weight of yarn to be warm but not bulky, lightweight but not fiddly. Perfect!


So, despite my intuitive sense that all the BBC-watching knitters out there were champing at the bit to make this delightful hat, I set out to find a good still shot of DCI Mathias in his hat so I could engineer the pattern myself. Of course, glorious knitters out there had the same idea, and the show is a couple years old (though we just discovered it a few months ago), and the pattern already existed. And it was free!


I finished the hat a little while back, but it was wrapped under the coffee table (getting a tree isn’t one of our family traditions while in Charleston, since we have a wee house and neither of us is that invested). Wes spent most of yesterday wearing it while working on some projects outside, and it looks great on him. I’m so pleased with how it turned out, and even more pleased that he’ll actually wear it!


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