Robin Hoodie

You may remember a few months ago that I started and frogged a Robin Hoodie, and that red yarn ended up being my mom’s birthday cardigan. This time, I’m sure I have enough yarn, and I’m making some great progress on this beautifully designed pattern by Audry Nicklin. The yarn is Araucania’s Nature Wool, which came to me via my dear friend Pat’s de-stashing efforts (like so many other yarns have). I’m coming to the last third of my third skein, with three more full skeins left, and I’m almost done with the sweater’s body.

With the hurricane bearing down on us in the next day or so, my new office is closed (the third day of employment is not an ideal time for a hurricane to hit). While I’m not studying for my required certifications and dealing with onboarding and training, I’m working on this sweater. This morning was cool enough that I wore my Mesa Alta sweater – outside – and it’s lovely!

img_8093The cables are just gorgeous, and I’m very happy with how the variegated yarn works with the branches. The color is lovely, the hood is fun and cozy, and the math of the pattern is relatively easy to follow now that I have the rhythm of it.

I decided to make this a cardigan rather than a pullover, which is a very easy pattern conversion. Rather than join at the neck after finishing the hood, I’m simply continuing to knit the pattern flat and I’ll add either a button band or a zipper when I’m finished. Aside from that minor adjustment and adding in a bit of waist shaping (simple decreasing and increasing along the underarm), I think this may be the closest that I’ve ever followed a pattern!



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