Do you ever feel stuck in your crafting? Do you have ideas, but not feel that spark to actually start them? Or have the shell of an idea, but not feel the excitement to flesh out a plan and choose a direction? I’ve noticed that my creative drive comes in spurts. I’ll be a frantic project-starter for a few weeks or months, working on four or five WIPs at once, unable to contain my excitement for casting on yet another fabulous new thing. Then, once those are all bound off and tidied, my energy is zapped. I’ll feel like making a cabled hat, but none of the cable charts I have in books or from other patterns look good to me. I’ll cast on, frog, cast on again, leave the half inch of knitting in the bottom of my bag for several days, decide I can’t stand it, and frog it again, repeating ad infinitum until I just leave that plan alone and get my mojo back for some other project.

The time between jobs always seems like it’s going to be an amazingly productive time, full of non-stop making and the flexibility to really dive into more involved projects. I did work on some knitting, spinning, and embroidery projects last week, but nothing really gave me those fireworks of excitement and pride of an inspiring, challenging venture.

20160923_105234.jpgI’m almost finished with my grandma’s Golden Sands shawl, which has been a delight to knit. The yarn is Zen Yarn Garden’s Serenity Sock, which, to my dismay, I just learned is discontinued. It’s soft and durable and Zen Yarn Garden’s colorways are just gorgeous. I’ll still need to block the shawl and mail it off to my grandma, which I’m sure I’ll be able to do this week. Then, I’m not sure what’ll be on my needles.

IMG_8081.jpgI’ve also been working, a little bit at a time, on some curtains for our guest room. The sewing of the curtains was simple and quick, and I’m so excited about this pretty bird pattern. For now, they’re hung up and only a bit more filled in than in the photo here, but I’ll take them down and keep working on them in the coming week. At least, that’s the plan.



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