This photo appears on Ravelry courtesy of DROPS Design.

I’ve been eyeing this cardigan for a while now, and I’m leaning toward attempting it for my next improvised top-down sweater. It’s not a top-down pattern, so the improvisation would come in with creating the neckline, yoke, and arm separation. I think it would be possible, and I think it would be fun! Drops Design patterns are notorious for not being tested, and for being written in a disorganized way (I’m not sure whether it’s a translation issue or just sloppy work), adding to the challenge of turning a photo and a general idea into a plan and a sweater.

The first sweater I knit was all set to be gorgeous, but instead it was a sad disaster. Thankfully, I’ve learned how to wash and block properly, so this won’t happen again.

I created a disaster with my first sweater, but I only used about half of that turquoise mystery yarn. What I have left is enough for another sweater, especially if I add in some other colors to stretch what I have. I have a fair amount of lightweight fingering that would work beautifully for the colorwork yoke, and the leftover turquoise yarn would likely be just about perfect for the main color. The beauty of top-down sweater knitting is, of course, the flexibility, and I think with such lightweight yarn it would be equally fabulous to end up with 3/4 sleeves as it would to have enough for my gorilla arms. Or, I could transition into another color to make up the length without requiring as much of the turquoise main color to do it.

20160909_091032I like the almond yarn as a secondary/main contrast color, so I think I’ll use it for the neckline, sleeve cuffs (and for adding length as necessary), and maybe the buttonband.


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