Shawl Inventory

This summer has been rough for my personal productivity, between starting a new job and bearing with the South Carolina heat. I’ve finished a few big projects, including my improvised top-down lace cardigan and sewn maxi dress, but I haven’t been as focused on building up a backlog of finished objects for sale at gatherings this fall.

When I finished the Liliopsida and the Harvey earlier this summer, I realized just how satisfying I find shawl knitting. I didn’t think I would love it, because I’m not all that much of a scarf person and larger projects that won’t find as much wear as a sweater are just not as attractive a prospect as lower-stakes, hard-wearing projects like socks and fingerless gloves, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Maybe it’s the rate at which they grow in your hands. In an evening you can start with a tiny little garter tab and end up with a wide triangle that already resembles a finished product.

20160825_150332This FO was just like that. I would have written about it as I worked on it, but to be honest it was finished before I even thought to do it! The sensuous, dreamy gray alpaca/merino blend that makes up the bulk of this chunky modified Offhand Lace is the fabulous Big Bad Wool’s Weepaca in the colorway Linen, which my amazingly generous Fibreshare partner sent. The dark teal is some soft (though less so than the alpaca) mystery yarn from my stash that I’ve had for a good long time. Since the Weepaca skeins are so small, I had to supplement the shawl with a contrasting color to extend it a little, but I’m still pretty happy with the shawl even though it’s on the small side.

20160816_080155With that chunky, squishy, cozy neckwarmer in the bag (though yet unblocked), I decided to cast on another shawl. This one is a combination of a couple patterns and a bit of an improvisation, but it serves to use up some stash yarn and to build up my stuff-for-sale pile for October. This is the Noro sock yarn I brought back from Oregon, which Steph warned me was not up to the task of actually working as a sock. The colors are gorgeous and vibrant, and I like the slight variations in thickness that allow for a somewhat rustic feel. On medium-small needles, the stockinette stitch sections are close and the eye can focus on the color gradiation, and the lace stripes are open, simple, and pretty.

20160824_175215I’m considering adding some tassels, like in the Light and Up I made last year. When I’ve worn my Light and Up I’ve been very happy with how the weight of the tassels keeps the shawl from slipping off my neck. Since the stitch pattern is quite simple, a little extra decoration won’t add visual clutter. What do you think?

20160824_175044Both of these have yet to be blocked, so they’re not quite as drapey and stretchy as they will eventually be. But I can still tell just how warm they’re going to keep someone’s neck, and how happy the colors will make them!


2 thoughts on “Shawl Inventory

  1. Ooooooooo!!!

    I like shawls too. I knit 4 pretty quick. Also not worrying about FIT, because it’s a shawl of course it will fit, this speeds up my knitting quite a lot. Less pauses for worry.


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