Finished objects

20160804_115701 I sewed in the ends on my improvised lacy cardigan and added some snazzy buttons. This baby is done, and I’ve been thrilled to wear it in the AC at work. It’s absolutely overkill, when a lightweight long-sleeved shirt would be plenty warm, but I can’t help myself because this thing is just so pretty and cozy!

20160804_115718These little brass beauties are from one of Wes’ old Marines uniforms, and I’ve been holing onto them for just the right thing. I thought they might be a bit too shiny, but I think they look sharp!

Message_1470530548507I’ve also been sewing a bit more and focusing on growing my collection of project storage containers, including these fabulous bento bags. I used a tutorial I found on Pinterest and fudged it a bit, and I’m so happy with how they turned out! I’ve been skeptical about these oddly shallow bags and how much they can actually hold (not to mention how well they stay closed when tied with those stubby little triangle edges), but I’ve been thrilled with how helpful they are at keeping my smaller projects separate! A pair of socks, a pair of mitts, a couple balls of yarn I’m percolating over- all stashed securely in my larger bag. Plus, they were delightfully easy to sew! I’m converted!

A lot of my time has also been spent on re-working a pair of [secret] gift socks, which will become public knowledge in a couple weeks. Stay tuned!


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