Well, that happened

IMG_8039In the past week, not only did the sweater I mention in my last post take priority, it became fully formed. I cast on late in the day on Friday, and so far I’ve finished the body and knit nearly half of the sleeves. Of course, the lace is all wonky since it hasn’t been blocked yet, and there’s no button band, but I’m pretty happy with this cardigan so far!

IMG_8040I used the diamond-shaped stitch I posted about last time, starting on the first right-side row after dividing for the sleeves. The math didn’t end up perfect, so I had to rearrange a little bit in order to make the center of the back line up. The front edges worked out perfectly, with a diamond repeat ending with exactly one selvage stitch as a buffer for the button band, but those two extra stitches in the back (one from each side) meant I needed to yarn over without decreasing for a couple rows as the two diagonal lines came together. It’s not perfect, but as we like to say, that shit will block right out.

IMG_8042So much for saving this sweater for the Knitalong– I guess I’ll just have to make another top-down, improvised raglan starting later in August! I have a few ideas for a cute, lacy boatneck pullover using some pretty turquoise lace weight yarn, which first made its appearance on the blog way back in June of 2015. I may instead combine it with the almond-colored lace weight yarn I used for my Amors Arrow and do some sort of colorwork. I recently took out a book on Scandinavian Fair Isle knitting from the library, and I’ve been inspired to experiment with some traditional patterns.

IMG_8044I’ll finish this one up and see how it goes, then settle into the idea of another sweater. It seems blasphemous to make even one sweater in weather that prohibits sleeves of any kind, and starting a second one before I have a chance to wear the first one seems even worse, but I might as well work towards using up some more of the stash and go for it!

2 thoughts on “Well, that happened

    1. I’m mostly knitting at work these days. We’re between contracts and I have very little to do, so I knit! When I watch stuff it’s mostly food shows like America’s Test Kitchen or the Great British Bake-Off.

      I’ve also been listening to lots of podcasts, mostly unsolved mystery stuff like Thinking Sideways. 🙂


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