Sarahs Knitting Sweaters: Blocking at the Beach

*This post is part of a knit-along series with my dear friend, Sarah. Check out all her posts, plus our previous joint shawl project on her site, Threaded Through.

At last, the long awaited finale of the Amors Arrow sweater! The last bits of this sweater went off quite well. After my neck hole troubles, the rest of the lace went off without a hitch.

20160709_161542 Then there was the question of how to graft the lace to the rest of the sweater. The pattern says to use kitchener stitch to join the lace to the bodice, which is a perfectly nice idea. I don’t mind kitchener, but I tend to agree with Sarah that more than 100 stitches of it is pretty daunting. I considered a three needle bind off instead, but eventually decided to just go with the kitchener. Having already had some issues with a tight bind off I figured a kitchener graft, though tedious, would avoid any binding or puckering along the back of the sweater.

And so, I grafted. It took a LONG time, but I was at the beach and supplied with ample wine and snacks to keep my mind (read: stomach) sufficiently occupied. I finished weaving in the ends and tried the thing on. My head fit through, all it needed now was a good blocking session.*

Finished, pre-block.

I had forgotten to bring pins to the beach house, so the next day I went searching in downtown Manzanita. The store that used to sell knitting things is now exclusively a clothing boutique, but I got lucky at the local grocery store. I bought a box of pins, walked home, and dunked the sweater in the best bucket substitute available.

20160711_193114 After a good soak in the pot I pinned out the sweater on one of the futons in the beach house. I had hoped to be able to wear it at least one day on vacation, but alas, things dry a bit more slowly at the beach. By the time the sweater was ready to wear it was too late, so I packed it up and toted it home.

I’m back home, and the time has come at last to wear the sweater! Overall, I’m really pleased. The lace opened up really nicely, which brings the neckline down a bit, so I’ll have to wear a tank underneath to make it school appropriate. For summer though, I actually really love the little tease of lace under lace, and I don’t feel at all overexposed. The shape is great, it has a nice drape, and it’s soft all over. I can’t wait to wear this all summer long!**


*The pattern asks for a decorative crocheted edging around the sleeves. I tend to curse a lot when I crochet, and since the sleeves seem to lie pretty flat without the crochet reinforcement I decided to forgo the crochet altogether. For those who enjoy crochet, I salute you and leave you to it. I’m not sure it will ever be my thing.

[A note from your usual author- I completely forgot to tell you that I had no time or consideration for the crochet edging, so in addition to not doing it, I also didn’t even think to mention it. I’m sure you’ve come to expect this kind of blatant disregard for various elements of written patterns from me.]

**In Portland one can wear a sweater in the summer and not totally melt. Sorry, Sarah G.

[Sure, rub it in! I’ll just have to enjoy being able to wear this sweater, without a jacket, between September and April. It’s a trade-off, but I’ll take it.]

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