IMG_8023 All that motion from finishing up my Amors Arrow has carried me through a couple other projects in the week or two it’s taking to photograph and write up the sweater! In an attempt to streamline, organize, and downsize my craft supplies, I decided to abandon the impulse to match colors conservatively and knit for stashbusting’s sake. It’s summer, and I have a lot of sock yarn, so I’m striking a blow for lightening up not only the top drawer of my yarn dresser, but also my anxiety about project planning. Little kids find joy in wearing all kinds of patterns and colors at once, and I do too. If no one is going to see my socks, I might as well make them a party!

IMG_8010I cast on two pairs of socks at once, and all four (I’m not including that little tiny amount of sky blue I used to bind off the pair at the top of the page) yarns are going to be used up completely. The main colors for both pairs are mystery yarn from my dear friend Pat’s stash. Though I can tell that the two skeins are the same kind of yarn in the same material, and there’s almost exactly the same amount of each left, I have no idea what brand they are. It’s obviously sock-appropriate, some blend of wool and synthetic that will stretch and take the abuse of many washings, but that’s about all I can tell. The toes, heels, and cuffs for both are made from some partial skeins of Sockotta, which were from the lovely Stephanie’s stash back when I lived in OR.

I knit my first pair of socks from these colors (Yes, combined into one pair… Even Kumquat thinks they’re a little loud, so maybe scrap what I said about wild color combinations being a rarity for me.), and the time has come for the lingering bits to be used up. I adore the feel of Sockotta, and the fact that it holds up so well to heavy washing and wearing. It’s such a shame that the line is discontinued!

IMG_8009Both of these pairs make use of afterthought heels, though in the interest of using up every possible scrap of yarn in these colorways, I went back and made the heels well before starting the contrasting cuffs. As always, I’m making them toe-up, two at a time. For the heel seaming, which I would normally do with a darning needle, I learned a neat way to keep track of Kitchener stitch using knitting needles. Less equipment, same neat invisible seam.

IMG_8021While I’m pretty happy with the blue socks further up the page, I am completely smitten with this color combination. The teal mystery yarn is so bold and the variegated Sockotta is so light and cheerful, these will be an utter delight to put on under my ankle boots in the winter.


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