Sarahs Knitting Sweaters: Holes

*This post is part of a knit-along series with my dear friend, Sarah. Check out all her posts, plus our previous joint shawl project on her site, Threaded Through.

Since I last posted I have been working up a froth of pink lace. The arrow pattern is pretty fun: complex enough to be interesting, but not so crazy that it prohibits conversation. I rolled along pretty quickly and finished the prescribed 20cm lace panel about ten days ago.


Then came the head hole. I knew it was going to take more concentration to count the bind off and cast on, and I really just didn’t feel like doing it. So I procrastinated. I spent a full week totally ignoring all things knitted. I’m still being faithfully monogamous, so I didn’t even switch projects, I just did other things. I got some planning done for the fall and read more of my current novel. After a week I was itching to knit again, and I knew it was time to sit down and make a big hole.

So I did. Things seemed to be going fine; I followed the instructions exactly. Knit 3 lace repeats, bind off 40 stitches, knit three more lace repeats. So far, so good. Then purl to giant gap, cast on 40 stitches using cable cast on, and voila! A perfectly nice hole is created!

After binding off for the head hole there is some definite puckering in the middle.

But, there was a bit of a problem. After binding off my 40 stitches things seemed a bit tight to me, but I figured that would work itself out in the cast on. Not so. This is how big–or should I say small–the hole was.20160624_195735

Unless I could shrink my head to fit through, there was no way this was going to work. I needed help. I took the sweater to knit night and Steph (friend of the blogger/s) came to the rescue. I tinked back two rows and started over. Steph showed me a super stretchy bind off method she learned (similar to this one), which seemed to go well. Things were looking up. We searched YouTube for a good elastic cast on, and found this video tutorial. The woman in the video yanks her yarn like she’s angry at it, but the method worked like a dream. Here’s the finished result, complete with my awkward hand for size comparison.20160630_095747

I tested it, and my head fits through, no trouble at all! I’m pretty pleased, and I think after blocking it will look really nice. I have just 20cm more of lace and a bit of crochet before this sweater is done!


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