Sarahs Knitting Sweaters: What I’ve been doing instead of knitting my sweater

*This post is part of a Knitalong series with my dear friend, Sarah. You can check out her other posts on her blog at

It’s hot in Charleston. I mean, HOT. Of course, I need to deal with it and hunker down because it’s only going to get hotter for the next couple months. With the heat comes a general indolence, and I’m too hot to object. Rather than working on the sweater, which I don’t know if I could stomach wearing anytime before November, I’ve been napping, gardening, and cleaning my house. On the occasions I’m able to knit, I’m drawn to smaller, less sweaty projects like socks and shawls.

IMG_7938Last night, I finally wove in the ends on my Serpentine socks, and I am so pleased with them. Wearing them long enough to take these pictures was uncomfortable, to say the least, but I really love them and can’t wait for it to be boot weather!

20160619_152433So lovely!

IMG_7929This afternoon, I committed to soaking and blocking my two most recent shawls. The first one, the pretty purple-green-grey shawl, I’ll get to in a few days.

IMG_7937The second is the simple, geometric Harvey I finished a little while back. This was a very easy knit, and I really enjoyed working on it. Rather than the sock yarn the pattern is intended for, I used a lovely pink and red variegated lace yarn from KnitPicks, given to me for my birthday by my dear friend Sarah (with whom you are already acquainted). It’s thin and very lightweight, and might just be the perfect AC shield. This may be for me, and it may end up being for sale or trade at the next Earthskills gathering in October.

IMG_7952Aside from these other lovely projects that don’t seem to zap my energy quite so much, I have been slowly chipping away at the interminable Amors Arrow. We went to the movies the other night and I made some good progress- plain knit stitch, around and around, makes for good movie knitting. I did have one incident, which was easily remedied with a little patience and the right tools.

20160614_113719As Sarah mentioned in her first installment of this series, knitting with a yarn with loose twist can cause some issues. About twenty rows back, I knit into only half of a stitch, resulting in a little yarn tag hanging off and looking sloppy.

20160614_114428Not the end of the world, as the other half of the stitch was relatively secure, but with the assistance of a crochet hook and a paper clip, I was able to easily remedy the error.

20160614_114806Back on track! And, even truer than other times, that tension inconsistency with block right out.

And so, with that little blip behind me, I soldier on. I think Sarah is going to finish far before I do, which isn’t much of a surprise. Unfortunately, I envision this being more of a tunic, which means I’m adding even more length to the already lengthy project, but I’m bolstered by just how pretty the colors are and how cute the sweater will look over some skinny jeans.


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