Sarahs Stitching Summer Sweaters

The lovely Ms. Sarah and I had a delightful visit when I was in Portland, and in addition to some very responsible yarn shopping, we cemented our plans to do another Knitalong. This lightweight, feminine summer sweater, Amors Arrow, seemed like the perfect thing- simple construction, a pattern we’d both actually wear, and more or less weather appropriate.

I plan to make mine with the sport and fingering weight cone yarn that I received in my most recent Fibreshare box.

IMG_7891I’m not sure what kind of yarn it is- I’ll have to do a burn test to see if I can sniff out some synthetic fiber in there. I’m pretty sure they’re both wool, or at least mostly wool, but since they’re on cones with no original tags, I can’t be sure. I really like the colors together, particularly how the mottled, heathered army green is set off by the creamy, neutral beige. I think it’ll be striking with jeans and camel colored shoes, and I’m sure it’ll quickly become a staple in my fall wardrobe!


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