All the lace

20160512_140802I’m making some good progress on the Harvey shawl, and still loving the colorway. It’s just so vibrant, and the pink and red together create such a lovely depth of color! With a circular needle, it’s not really possible to spread the thing out to show you my progress, but here’s a teaser until I can bind off. I’m still deciding how I want to finish the edges- since the main pattern is so plain, it feels like a blank canvas for something cool and fun. I have a whole second skein of this lovely lace weight yarn, so I can keep the party going for quite a while! There are a lot of leafy lace edges for shawls, and they’re very pretty, but they don’t really fit with the mesh-like quality of this lace chart. I’m percolating on a picot edge or something geometric, rather than organic.

20160512_134750Upon returning from our trip to Oregon, I rediscovered these fabulous socks. I started them a while back, and unfortunately had to return the library book where I found the pattern. The original plan was to finish them in the allotted three weeks, but that ship has certainly sailed. I committed the lace chart to memory, so that’s not an issue, but no such luck on the toe-up heel construction (which I would just swap out for an afterthought heel or some other kind of bottom-up heel, but since I had started this particular kind of heel, I really didn’t want to turn back. I’m not good about recalculating.). With that luck, I also lost one of the needles I was using, so the socks got shelved. That gorgeous rusty red-gray-orange combination called to me, though, and aside from the Harvey shawl, I’m not working on anything substantial. So I found a version of the heel technique and adapted it for the correct stitch count, and picked them up again. The lace makes these take a lot longer than most stockinette socks, of course, but sometimes it’s nice to take time for something more intricate. These socks are for me, and I’ve been holding this yarn in safekeeping for a long time waiting for just the right thing. I’m okay with them remaining UFOs for a while, and I know that I’ll want to wear them non-stop once they’re bound off, so they may progress very slowly to avoid the conflict of interest in the Charleston summer.


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