Portland haul

I’m home from our lovely, relaxing, much-needed trip to Portland, and like any good fiber addict, I came home with some fun new materials. I visited three craft shops in Portland, buying a few souvenirs for myself and a gift for a friend.

These are my yarny acquisitions from the trip. I was pretty well-behaved. Everyone knows that sock yarn and souvenir yarn don’t count, so basically I bought nothing and brought home nothing. Good self-control! The pink sock yarn on the right is for my friend, although if she has any kind of hesitation whatsoever about the color I will take it back in a heartbeat. It’s Black Trillium’s Pebble Sock, in a one-of-a-kind colorway. Y’all know how I feel about sock yarn, so it would be no hardship at all to give that little pink lady a home. It, along with the “Made with &#@#%$” garment labels, came from Starlight Knitting Society in Portland. The brown cone of sock yarn came from Yarnia, and I’m excited to see how it knits up. Yarnia sells custom blends that you can’t find anywhere else. Their yarns produce a marled look by winding several strands together, and even without plying the strands, the finished knit project always looks smashing. I’ll be sure to show how the socks knit up once I get them started.

IMG_7876This red lace yarn was a very lovely birthday gift from Ms. Sarah, of Sarahs Knitting Shawls fame, and all of the completed knitting there was completed in airports and on planes on our way home yesterday. The pattern is Harvey, from Jen Lucas’ Sock-Yarn Shawls: 15 Lacy Knitted Shawl Patterns. It’s a quick and easy knit, but it shows off really beautifully the yarn’s colorway and its shifts from raspberry pink to strawberry red. I crave tangy, cold hibiscus tea blended with lemonade whenever I ponder this yarn for any length of time.

IMG_7878The Noro sock yarn on the left was a gift from my sweet friend and loyal blog follower Stephanie, and I’m still deciding whether it’ll be a fun challenge or an absurd joke to try matching the color striping. All of my socks so far have been at least somewhat matched, so I think it would be the novel choice, and mercifully, the sane choice, to just go with the colors as they come and make sure to knit both socks at the same time. Steph also gifted me, or rather, coerced me into taking, some lovely fabric from her mother’s stash. I love to sew, but I’m certainly not accomplished enough at it to feel comfortable taking many piles of fabric without any projects in mind. So, I exercised some restraint, and only accepted materials that I could clearly visualize filling a need in my wardrobe or my household.

IMG_7886The gorgeous faux-wax print on the right is the one exception to my planning rule. There’s only a yard of it, so I don’t have a great many options, but it was just so striking and reminded me of the vibrant fabrics I encountered in Ghana. The floral pattern in the middle is incredibly thin, and would be very pretty as a sleeveless summer blouse. The smaller floral pattern on the left is the perfect weight for kitchen linens, and I plan to make us a new set of cloth napkins. If there is enough, I may consider making some clothing item, but I’d like to keep it as a household textile rather than worry about matching my kitchen if I wear a skirt or top made from the same fabric.

IMG_7882In addition to some wonderful yarn shops and some incredibly generous friends, I had some excellent luck with Oregon thrift shops. Between St. Vincent DePaul, an antique mall, and Goodwill, I found not only the perfect denim jacket and a gorgeous woven bag, but a few vintage patterns to accompany the beautiful fabric. This white and blue floral pattern is a thick flannel, and I’m looking forward to snuggling into some pajama pants made from it.

IMG_7884This is a fabric/pattern combination I’m not too sure about. I’d really like a holiday-appropriate shirtdress, and this plaid is surely the thing. This pattern, since it has short sleeves, is probably not the best match. I might be back on the hunt for a shirtdress pattern, but this isn’t too bad.

IMG_7881And finally, the most amazing fabric I’ve ever been able to call my own. I have a flannel bathrobe that I love, but one day it will wear too thin and I’ll need a new one. Without any hesitation, this is exactly what I want to wrap around myself every morning while making breakfast. I’ll practice on the napkins for a bit and then probably head straight for the bathrobe.


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