Spring is springing

Just in time for Charleston’s spring, which is similar to other places’ summers, I’ve finished my $1 cashmere cardigan! I’ve been pretty lucky that this week has been chilly and rainy, since I can’t stop wearing this beauty. It’s so soft, and the lace down the back makes me very happy.

IMG_7853 The silhouette is pretty well-suited to dresses, and I like that a lot this time of year. The sweater is slightly shaped around my waist, but overall it feels pretty floaty- cozy, due to how soft it is, but not tight or all that fitted. It’s perfect over a t-shirt and jeans, or over a solid-color sundress or one with a minimal pattern.

IMG_7854 I’m so happy with how the lace turned out!

I ended up using some very pretty ceramic buttons made by my aunt Lisa, and I like the balance they strike between being neutral and bold.

20160407_141706 Now that the big cardigan project is finished, I’m working on tying up other loose ends. I’ve been dyeing and spinning like crazy, using up both the Easter egg dye tablets and the food coloring I bought. Last week I even brought my wheel to work, and got some spinning done on my lunch break. Above is the egg tablet and food coloring-dyed alpaca, which I’ve been slowly spinning through and should end up a very pretty, variegated two-ply when I’m finished. I love spinning lightweight fiber when it’s warm out, and the weather has also inspired me to head back towards small, non-wool knitting.


A cotton dish cloth or six, along with a pair of recycled silk throw pillow covers, a couple stuffed animals, and some for-sale items for fall gatherings are gracing my needles these days, but I’m already itching for a new challenge.

IMG_7850 I also have a 3/4-sleeve-sweater’s worth of this soft, neutral, rustic gray, which might become another modified brick or some other simple pullover, though it might wait until later in the season when it’ll actually be worn. More time to decide on a pattern can be a good thing, but I think I’ll leave it alone for a while so I don’t overthink it.

In the most recent round of the fibreshare, I received a couple cones of gorgeously neutral beige and olive, which I think could be perfect for a light spring tunic or other thin, potentially lacy, kind of garment. To that end, there may be another installment of Sarahs Knitting, this time with the spring-appropriate Amors Arrow sweater; it’s a sleeveless lacy top that’s lightweight and feminine, and I think might be just the project for the pretty yarn on the cones. As always, I’m not sure exactly how much I have, so it’ll be an experiment, but heh, I’m sure it’ll be fine! It might require some new needles, which will be a fun birthday treat.


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