A cardigan for myself?

Once I finished the red cardigan, I was hit with another wave of realization that I still don’t have a cardigan that I love. I have a couple that are fine, that keep me warm and don’t look absolutely hideous, but that’s about it- nothing I’m extremely proud of, nothing that fits me amazingly well, nothing I want to wear daily.

I was trying to find the perfect cardigan pattern: simple enough to wear with most outfits, interesting enough that I actually want to finish knitting it, fitted enough that it looks good, and comfortable enough to wear constantly. Of course, that means that I had to make it up. I started with a basic slouchy kind of cardigan- David, from Kristina McGowan’s More Modern Top-Down Knitting– then added some interest with the lace pattern from Dean Cheek’s Meseta Alta Shawl, printed in Shear Spirit.

The original David cardigan is plain, longish, and pretty slouchy. I like that the front panels begin from just one stitch, so that there isn’t a tab on the shoulder like the red cardigan had. I also like the angle at which the front panel increases- it’s not at all a high-neck sweater, but it’s not so deep of a V that button placement will be awkward. This is the photo from Kristina McGowan’s book, shown on Ravelry as © Kristina McGowan.

The lace pattern was originally designed for a huge, gorgeous shawl. I fell in love with this shawl for its simplicity and luxury, but also for the interplay between the geometric lace stripe and the fringe. I don’t think I’d love this shawl the way it’s meant to be loved, but I’m always up for a good mix-and-match, and it just seemed right the second I set eyes on it. This is the photo from the book, Shear Spirit, and it appears on Ravelry as ©2008gale zucker.


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