A quick refashion

A couple weeks back, my friend Charlotte and I went to the local thrift store to poke around. I was looking for a coffee table and some other household things, but no luck. We browsed through the clothes, since you never know, and I saw this dress. IMG_7761

As a dress, it’s really not my style- too many patterns, and I’m not much for strapless things- but I really liked the floral fabric used in the skirt. So, I bought it, and after it was Kumquat-approved, I invested about 15 minutes in pulling the stitches from between the bandeau top and the elastic waistband.


IMG_7767 Viola! A skirt, plus a bandeau-style top I can use for some other project. $2.99 (plus tax) well spent! Since it became a skirt just a couple weeks ago, I’ve worn it a few times, and I’m very happy with the spring colors and the fact that it has pockets.



5 thoughts on “A quick refashion

  1. I’ve turned several imperfect thrift store dresses into skirts. My all time triumph though was turning a black silk BCBG shorts JUMPSUIT into a perfect dress. Jumpsuit schmumpsuit.


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