A much better plan

While it’s not so impressive to make a plain old raglan cardigan, particularly right after making a plain old raglan pullover, I’m having a lot of fun with my version of the Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan. I’m sort of following the pattern, only without really counting or measuring, and I’m adding details to the ribbed edging on the bottom and the cuffs. And also the buttonband, although I really haven’t planned how I’m going to do that yet. Boy, those cables took up a lot of yarn, and I’m glad I had a reality check before getting too far on the Robin Hoodie. I should have no problem making this cardigan all in this red mystery wool, and since the pattern is relatively plain I have the fallback lifeline of making the buttonband or cuffs in a contrast yarn (light brown? cream? another shade of red?). I doubt I’ll need to, but the pressure is certainly off. The more I knit, the more I revel in the attitude that knitting is a game. You win the game only when you are proud of what you’ve made- whether it turns out exactly how you planned or is shorter, longer, a different color, wider, narrower, a different stitch pattern, a tank rather than a sweater, a headband rather than a hat, whether you keep it or give it away, whether it has mistakes or “design features.” It’s an adventure.

Here’s how my plain cardigan experiment looked a couple days ago, a little curly but coming along:20160229_132222(1)

When I got to the ribbing at the bottom, I looked through all my books and many, many patterns on Pinterest and Ravelry, weighing how well stitches would lay flat, how much length they would require in order to work (or how little I could get away with), and how closely the number of stitches required matched the number of stitches I had, how much I liked how they looked and how much of a pain in the ass they were to knit, and decided to make the cuff in this lacy faux-cable 5×2 ribbing.


I like it a lot, but I’m not sure whether I want it to be on the sleeve cuffs as well. What do you think? Make them match, or leave the body bind-off as the only fancy bit? I suppose it depends on how well my mystery yarn supply holds. Maybe I want pockets.


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