Is it a rut, or a groove?

As I mentioned a week or two ago, I’ve been feeling the need for a new challenge. I was gifted a great bounty of sock yarn for Christmas, which made me incredibly happy, but the influx of materials has led to a rut in my creative process. Well, maybe it’s a groove, rather than a rut- I hope that’s how the recipients of the socks feel.

I made socks for family for Christmas. I made the pair above (in Cascade Heritage sock yarn, color Spring Flowers), as a Valentine’s Day gift for my Grandfriend. I finished the pair below last night (in Regia Schachenmayr “Pairfect” sock yarn, color 07125), and they went home with my friend Vicky for her husband. I’m planning another two pairs for my grandparents, and I have a particularly delicious skein of Malabrigo sock yarn that I’m saving for myself.

IMG_7751I keep casting on socks, which I love to knit, and I love to finish and give away, but what I’ve been craving is something intricate, something that requires concentration. Something ambitious and impressive.

Enter the beaded crossbody bag! After a (very) brief poll, I decided to move forward with the blue palette for my beadwork project, and I got started. I had a few color charts in mind, but I took the plunge and printed one out. As of yesterday afternoon, it was just a little stripe of a start, but it’s a start! I’m in! And boy, is this a concentration-heavy, demanding, fiddly little project. Just what I was hoping for!

I went back and forth about design charts, and I finally decided on this swirly geometric pattern. I brought it to my craft group last night, only to have it brought to my attention that it looks identical to my Water for the Elephants chart… It does, doesn’t it? I guess I’m pretty predictable, but that’s okay. I know I’m going to love the final product and get plenty of use out of it.


8 thoughts on “Is it a rut, or a groove?

    1. Thanks, Grandma! You know I wouldn’t be this crafty if I hadn’t grown up with your amazing influence. I appreciate you always.


    1. I know, right? It’s a slippery slope. You only wear one pair at a time, and you only know so many people… But they’re so quick and satisfying!


    1. I think I’m going to do another cardigan, maybe with cables or an interesting texture. I’m pattern shopping right now. Any suggestions?


  1. How did Charlotte like the socks? Spectacular color combo!!

    I take it the bead work is all direct application a opposed to looming it? It’s going to be beautiful!


    1. She did like them. I talked with her yesterday and she said that she wears them to bed. 🙂

      Yes, the beadwork is all crow stitch- the loom is great and faster, but it’s hard to make it cover such a large amount of background and keep things neat.


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