Now what?

IMG_7727 I finished my sweater! With the weather starting to change, I am so glad I made it a 3/4 sleeve and a light weight, and I know I’m going to get some good use out of it until summer, which will probably be in about three weeks.

IMG_7730The raglan construction worked up so fast, and while I’m thrilled with the sleeve length, I’m thinking of going back and making the body a little longer. It hits my hips just a tad too high for my liking, and since I’ll likely wear it equally as often with pants and skirts/dresses. Or maybe I’ll leave this one alone and make another sweater? I’ll keep you posted!

IMG_7729Right after Wes took these photos, I took the sweater off and proceeded with my tank top. I hear it’s going to get colder again, but we’ll see. I’ll probably end up making another sweater soon… Now that I have a taste of sweater knitting, it’s feeling like an inevitability!

But aside from sweater knitting and, of course, the neverending sock parade, I want something new. I’ve had a beadwork project in the back of my mind for quite a while, and now/soon may be the time! I want to make a small purse (but not so small as to be a cell phone pouch or a medicine bag), with a completely beaded front flap and fringe. I’ve been looking for inspiration online, but everything seems to fall into either the “festival wear boho” category or the “actual traditional beadwork” category, and I’m looking for something in between. Boho Purse Not so much like this- I think the monochromatic, romantic, bohemian look is a little more modern than I’m going for.  I really like the designs in the crow stitch bag, above, but I want the bag to be a bit more functional and practical for the things I carry around- big enough for a day planner, keys, phone, wallet, etc.- but not so trendy and flashy that I’ll be bored with the design before I even get to use it. So, what I want the final product to look like is not something that’s been done exactly (or at least photographed and posted online) before. 

Knit/felt, plus fringe.:
This bag, despite being neither knit nor beaded (and certainly not featured anywhere as a chart), has been floating around my Pinterest pages for a while. I would love to convert this bold and geometric — but still somewhat feminine —  pattern into a beading chart and figure out the best construction for a medium sized leather crossbody bag. As you know, I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, so once the dust settles from this sweater and the socks I just cast on, I think I’m heading back toward beading for a little while.


3 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. I love your sweater. It looks beautiful on you and personally, I think the length looks great. I’m excited to hear you’ll be starting a beading project next. Sounds awesome. You are inspiring me to pick up the needles again. Loving your blog.


    1. Thanks, Jen! I didn’t know you knit- if you do pick it up again, I’d love to see what you work on!

      As far as this sweater’s length goes, I think that if I hadn’t already bound off, I’d make it a couple inches longer, but since it’s already in my wardrobe it’s as done as it’s going to get. 🙂


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