The big, sleeveless reveal

Once the first round of blocking was complete, I had to wear this thing immediately. I mean, I am SO proud of this pattern, and of how it turned out! I’m not so happy with the shoulder/armsyce area, so some steaming and basting/tucking will be in order. I’ll be much happier when everything gets flattened, uncurled, and evened out. Remember that old adage, “That’ll block right out?” I’m banking on it. I’ll probably move the buttons over a little, too- there’s not much waist shaping with the buttons where they are.


With a lovely cold morning walk on the shore, this thick Lopi was the perfect layer. The shawl collar was snuggly with a thin scarf under it, and with a cozy headband, I was very happy.IMG_7722

See what I mean about the waist and shoulder shaping? Not awful, and certainly roomy enough for layering, but it’s not incredibly flattering. But even with its shortcomings, I am incredibly proud of this experiment. I love the elephant, the collar, the lapel designs, and the length of the thing. It’s been a work in progress this long, who’s to say it’ll ever truly be finished?

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