Spinning the galaxy and a new toy

IMG_7666As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I received this very sweet gift from my friend Raven over the holidays. Her sister sent her this fiber treat, and she very generously has passed it along to me. The plum, yellow, sparkly, violet, and gray really remind me of those from-a-distance photos of the galaxy- what do you think? I haven’t spun up much novelty yarn, but this was a breeze to spin and I’m very pleased with it!IMG_7700

I made it a two-ply, and ended up with two cakes, one about 90 grams and one about 70 grams. I’ll hold onto it for a bit and see if any projects pop onto my radar. I’m leaning toward adding it to my etsy store, though- it’s been a very long time since I posted anything, but I’d really like to sell my work throughout the year rather than being limited to gatherings and having other people market for me.IMG_7702

Which brings me to my new tool/toy, a digital scale! If I’m going to sell handspun yarn, I’m going to need a way to weigh it. This little baby was a holiday treat for myself, and I am quite happy with it. Besides weighing out yarn for labeling purposes, it’s quite useful for measuring ingredients. Even though it seems a little too fussy, some recipes just call for weights rather than volume and it’s easier to just do it than to find another recipe I like.IMG_7714


3 thoughts on “Spinning the galaxy and a new toy

  1. I use mine to weigh yarn out for projects, then I always know if I have enough to make another washcloth or hat or pair of socks or whatever. I just weighed a first sleeve yesterday to see where I was going to be at after the second, and on the strength of that math decided that unless I wanted a shrug instead of a sweater that I’d better go get more yarn. Dye lot schmy lot. It’s a grey sugar and cream cotton sweater for Anthea’s school uniform. BUY my kid a 15$ uniform sweater? NeVEr!! Spend 20$ on yarn for a sweater that takes two weeks of work? Heck YES!!!!

    Drug dealers and knitters are all about the gram scale. I now have a scale and a yarn winder(xoxox to you) and I just bought a swift with my brother in law’s Christmaspresent to me, an etsy gift certificate !


    1. You can always have colorblock sleeves, or add a couple inches to each of them in a new color… But two different colored sleeves, not so much. 🙂

      And isn’t that the philosophy of all knitters? Why buy something when you can spend more on materials (and tools/toys) and devote many hours to planning, making, adjusting, and revising it?


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