Sarahs knitting shawls: Turning off and finishing up

My friends can all attest to the fact that, in general, I am constantly on the go, running from one job, to class, to student teaching, to my other job, back home to catch up on homework and grading, a quick sleep, and back out again.  I think because of this perpetual frenetic train of DOING IMPORTANT THINGS, when I am faced with the reality of two weeks off with only vague looming deadlines I completely and totally TURN OFF.

Since Christmas I have basically done nothing but read (for pleasure) and knit (also for pleasure), peppered with some Netflix and back episodes of podcasts so I don’t have to knit in silence.  I have been the definition of a lumpy, lazy, procrastinator.  It feels wonderful.

With all this delightful turned-off time, I FINALLY finished my Light and Up shawl!!  I plowed through the second bit of lace the past couple of days (those long rows of yarn-over-knit-two-together took FOREVER), and then was faced with the decision of how to finish off.  I knew I wanted to add a little more lace, but after weighing my yarn, I wasn’t confident I could squeeze out another full 3 rows of eyelets.  I made my tassels first, just to be sure I could stretch this yarn as far as possible without sacrificing the finishing touches.

20160102_144902 Aren’t they cute?!?!  I wanted them pretty dainty, so I cut my own piece of cardboard, wrapped pretty lightly, then tied them tight with the same yarn.

20160102_144133 After the tassels were taken care of I decided to just add one more single eyelet row with a bit of stockinette for the edge, and then bind off.  Binding off always seems to take me ages, but I made it!  The thing is finished and it is glorious!!  Look look look!!

20160102_191736 I’ll wash and block it tomorrow, and attach the tassels, too (pics forthcoming).  I haven’t quite figured out where/how I’m going to spread this thing out while it dries.  Things are already pretty cramped in the basement (did I mention I live in a basement?), and I don’t think the boy’s parents would take to kindly to me sticking pins all over the guest bed.  I’m considering some voodoo revenge on a futon in the basement; the temporary spatial inconvenience might be worth stabbing back at that nasty mattress!

But I’m done!  Also, how Sarah-ndipitous that we both finished the same day?  With the holidays being so hectic, we Sarahs haven’t chatted in a couple of weeks, so I had no idea where her progress was until I read the post just now.  Bye for now, all!  School’s not back in session for another week, so I’m turning off again.


One thought on “Sarahs knitting shawls: Turning off and finishing up

  1. Lay it out on your bed after doing the towel roll dance. As dry as it is today, even in the basement, you’ll be done by bedtime.


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