December projects

It’s happening again- the pile of UFOs continues to grow.

In addition to the Light and Up shawl, which has been put on hold in hopes that magically my stitch counts will line up again without having to tear out that last questionable row, I’m working on another three knitting projects and drooling over a fourth. You’ve seen my sweater, which has only grown incrementally since the last time I posted about it. You’ve seen snippets of my next pair of gift socks, which are in the top right corner below, and that’s all I’ll say about that for now (they’re secret until after the holidays). There’s also a crazy colorwork hat, which also won’t be featured until it’s received after the holidays. You can see a smidge of it in the picture below, on the left, but as of writing this it’s finished but for weaving some ends in and attaching the pompom (I made a pompom!).


The project that has been holding my attention the last few days has not been any of these knits. Every time I have a few spare minutes (and sometimes even when I don’t have any spare minutes), I end up sitting back at my wheel, working on spinning this fluff. Even though I have a gorgeous sweater on the needles that I’m really excited about, I can’t seem to stop spinning. I’ve been trying so hard not to sit down at the wheel at 7:30 in the morning, when I should be finishing up dishes and heading out the door. I’ve been trying to get up from the wheel when it’s 9:30 at night and I really need to head for bed. But… it calls to me. So I keep spinning.


The plan for this Cheviot is that it will become two-ply yarn, staying in this gorgeous neutral cream, and be knit up into a Caora sweater for myself. While I don’t love many of the finished examples of the Caora that knitters have posted on Ravelry, Littletheorem’s example (pictured below) is just lovely and I can see myself actually wearing it for work or for leisure.


Despite the 60-70 degree weather here in Charleston, I find myself wanting sweaters. As a knitter, as an Oregonian, as someone experiencing December, I just… want them. Need them. If I can’t be cozy and snuggly, what good are my skills as a knitter and spinner?


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