The family’s Thanksgiving get-together was pretty low-key and completely delightful. Aside from the amazing food and gorgeous weather, I am just so tickled that my dad finally has his sweater. Doesn’t he look dashing? The torso and arms are right!!!


Of course, as I expected, he put the sweater on and went right outside and started working, helping my aunt with setting some posts for part of the chicken coop. I did give him a lifetime darning guarantee, even knowing that that’s what the sweater’s life will be like.


I’m feeling very thankful, as I do anytime the topic crosses my mind, for the kind of upbringing my parents (and grandparents) created for me. Both of them, in their different ways, encouraged me to try things, stick with things, learn things. I certainly was never without a book, craft, or project to keep my mind and hands busy, and I didn’t have to look far for examples of adults in my life doing the same.


The day was gorgeous, and unseasonably warm. I spent a little time outside between prepping and cooking, and got to shoot a couple rounds with Aidan. She’s got the hang of the bow, even though it’s a pretty heavy draw!


We got to see Trevor as well, which is always a treat.


Overall, it was just a lovely short weekend. There’s nothing like walking out into the backyard, picking greens for a salad, and heading back in to eat them just minutes later.



2 thoughts on “Reflecting

  1. And you fell for it, the concept of keeping that beautiful mind and those crafty hands occupied. We just wanted you to stay out of trouble… It worked! And now, just look at those fantastic things you create.


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