Lots of projects

I’d like to use this post as a bit of a round-up, not only to show you what I’ve been working on, but to help keep myself organized and on some sort of track.

I just finished these bright, cozy socks over the weekend. The red is Quince & Co.’s Finch line, in the colorway Poppy, and the toes are… something else, both of which I received in my amazing and beautifully color-coordinated box of goodies from Brenda, through the Fibreshare. They’re just a tad big, which makes me feel good. You may be familiar with my wool-care methods, which include… throwing socks into the wash with all the other clothes and not worrying about it. I have one very yellow pair of socks that seems to get smaller and smaller every time it’s washed- I can just barely squeeze them on at first, but then they’re perfect throughout the day. There’s nothing more frustrating than slouchy, bunchy, fall-downy socks that you really want to be proud of, but just can’t enjoy!


My Light and Up is coming along. I still haven’t quite started the lace section, but I have about two more rows until I have the required number of stitches. I was thinking I’d wait to do the lace, figuring out the math so that the stockinette section was larger before making those edge rows, but instead I think I’d like to do three rows of the lace pattern. I have a couple rows left before I have to make a decision, so let’s just say I’ll keep you posted. Either way, I want this thing to be luxurious! Tassels, here I come!


After three attempts, I finally spun enough Icelandic to finish the Dad sweater. It’s not that I avoid spinning, or that I wimp out and quit before I have enough. The spinning is the fun part. When I get spinning, I spin everything that’s prepared- it’s the carding that drives me crazy. It may be that the cloth needs to be replaced on my trusty old Clemes & Clemes, or it may be that I’ve been working with difficult fiber (I’m known for knitting and spinning in the grease, and therefore for carding in the grease), but either way, carding is not so fun for me. What’s extremely fun is that I get to show you THIS:

This was just before I bound off the sleeves, a few days ago. Since this photo I’ve bound off and washed the thing (four rinses later and the water was still brown…), and it’s currently drying with a fan blowing through it. Things don’t dry well here, and even though the humidity is way down, we now have the “cold” to account for. It’ll be off to its new home next week at Thanksgiving, and I’m hoping beyond hope that those sleeves are long enough for my father and his self-described gorilla arms.


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