Sarahs knitting shawls: And then…

Meanwhile, in Oregon:

Okay, so I started the shawl last Monday at my knitting group at Yarnia, just like I promised.  I made the garter tab, tried to pick up the stitches, failed, frogged, and started again.  Garter tabs are really finicky when you’re using size 8 needles and fingering weight yarn, and having never done one before, things got a bit tangled.  I was successful the second time around, and managed to knit 4 whole rows, increases and all!  


And then, I rested on my laurels; four rows, especially at the beginning of a project, is hard work!  And then, I had sooooooo much homework.  And then, I decided to procrastinate my homework, but I couldn’t bear the thought of so many make-one-left and make-one-right increases, so I knit a slouchy hat with bulky yarn with lots of yarn-overs and decreases instead.  The pattern is free on Ravelry.  It’s adorable, and it will be the perfect belated birthday present for my recently 21-year-old little sister.  


Yay for selfies at 6am?  As you can see, I’m ever so happy to be awake.

Last night I finally had a bit of time to sit down and take another hack at this shawl thing.  There were no more cute bulky hats to tempt me away, nothing for school was due to turn in for another couple of days, and once I caught a glimpse of that purple yarn again I couldn’t resist.  It’s just so pretty!!  I plunked myself down in front of the fire, and knit two whole rows.  And then, my lovely boyfriend rolled over on the couch and said, “You ready for bed soon, sweetie?”  And then, I remembered I was terribly sleepy and that I needed to go to bed IMMEDIATELY.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to make some progress.


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