Guest Post: Two Sarahs, knitting shawls

Hello, crafters of the interwebz!

My name is Sarah, and my good friend Sarah (Confusing, I know. Just imagine how it was when we lived together!) is the owner-operator-crafter-extraordinaire in charge of this lovely blog.  We’ve been discussing the possibility of a guest-post for a while now, and at last the perfect opportunity arose, in the form of this hopefully delightful shawl project.  Sarah put a picture in her post yesterday.

I suppose I should introduce myself a bit first.  I live in Portland, Oregon (yes, it’s as crazy as they say; the Unipiper regularly rides through my neighborhood), and I’m currently studying to get my Master of Arts in Teaching to teach middle and high school Spanish.  I have hardly any time for myself between student teaching, grad classes, and soccer coaching on the weekends, but I’m determined to stay sane and keep knitting.

Sarah and I met in college, and we both like to knit.  I’m much more of a pattern-follower than Sarah is, however.  The only thing I’ve ever designed myself is a couple pairs of mitts, and in general I’m a compulsive rule-follower, never deviating from the prescribed knit-purl repeat. I am, therefore, usually forced to swatch and swatch and swatch to fit my gauge to a pattern. I hate swatching.  I usually swatch as a matter of course, measure, then rip the thing out and go on my merry way.  I know I should block my swatch, but that seems such a waste of precious time and yarn.

This is why shawls are lovely, and the pattern we chose even says that gauge doesn’t matter!  How liberating!  I’m starting soon and I’m not gonna swatch.  So there!

It has been a long time since I’ve made anything for myself, and picking the yarn for this was a bit of a process.  I was first waffling between these two lovely cones (hehe…waffle cones!  get it?) from my fave local shop known for custom yarn blends.  These two are from the bargain bin, and I love the colors, but I just couldn’t commit to one or the other and the yardage is a hair shorter than I would like, so they will be saved for another project.

After a bit more shopping I found this beauty at another great local store, and fell in love.  

Isn’t it scrumptious?  The color just kills me and it’s a deliciously soft superwash merino.  Plus, I love that it is a single-ply fingering.  The way the fibers took the dye gives it an almost ombré feel.  I loved all the yarns I saw from this dyer; check her out on Etsy!

I think that’s all for now!


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