Plans for fall

Now that we’re back from the Earthskills gathering, I’m itching to get back to spinning. Not itching from the wool, of course… Just excited. I’d like to talk at length about my spinning class, so check back for another post about it in the next week or so.

We returned to find that it’s truly fall here. I wore a cardigan, a jacket, a scarf, and wool socks yesterday- it was heavenly. Add in a hot coffee on a cold morning, and I’m just beside myself! All this means that I can knit and spin with wild abandon, without any sweat collecting under the tiny bit of sock resting on my bathing-suited, sand-covered self. As much as I enjoyed the concept of knitting at the beach, it’s just not as nice as knitting on a couch while under a blanket, snuggling with a cat or a sweetie. It’s harder to snuggle while sitting at a spinning wheel, but Kumquat tries to be involved whenever possible.

My sweet friend Raven brought me a lovely present, a bag of alpaca/merino roving. I started to spin it last night, but I’ve been having trouble getting the tension on my wheel just right and thought I’d better take care of it before snapping too much of the fiber. I’m not sure where in Charleston one can go to get a wheel serviced… Boy, do I miss the Eugene Textile Center.

I did have some very exciting success with a thicker, less delicate bundle of fiber I’ve been holding onto for a while. This is one of my first two-ply fiber experiments, and I’m quite pleased with it! I wish I had some more to make this mini-skein longer, but I think it’s juuust about enough for a hat. Maybe a small hat. Or a hat with a contrasting color design. Or the contrasting color for something else. Or a pair of mitts? …I’ll hold onto it for now.

Returning from the workshop also means that my finished project pile is leaner, but my list of WIPs/WIFs (Works in Progress, Works in Future) is firmly centered around gifts and personal projects. A few of these will not be shown on the blog (Christmas secrets!), but I’ll have plenty that aren’t under wraps (and one big project that IS a wrap…)! Stay tuned!


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