Slow fashion October: Week 3

This week’s theme is Loved, and Karen’s suggestions for topics include proudest accomplishment / most loved item / most frequently worn item / thing you saved up for / investment pieces / thing you worked a long time on / oldest thing that’s still in rotation. The second I read that those first two topic suggestion, back at the unveiling of Slow Fashion October’s themes and discussion points, I knew what I wanted to talk about.

I think the garment I’m most proud of, probably in my life, is these socks. They came into my life as a thrifted pair of snuggly slipper socks -no doubt handmade- that I found at Portland’s Bins about five years ago. I have no idea what kind of wool they’re made from, who made them, or how long ago… I washed them thoroughly before wearing them, I promise. I wore them so much that holes sprouted in the heels and toes, but I couldn’t bear to part with them. So they sat in the “do something with these eventually” pile for a good couple of years, moving with me from Portland to Eugene, through three temporary living situations. I learned how to knit socks, and I made Wes’ dad a pair of gray socks for Christmas last year. Then, going through that “do something with these eventually” pile, I came across these and realized just how perfect a match the gray yarn was. The weight and color were perfect, and the material matched at least well enough. Plus, the new yarn was a bit sturdier and more appropriate for hard-wearing socks. So I pulled out the feet up to the stranded design, and made new feet! The removed yarn was mostly too mangled to be recycled, so it made its way into a stuffed octopus, and these toasty boot socks made their way back into my wardrobe. Living in South Carolina, as you’ve heard me complain before, means that wearing socks is a rare and exciting event, so they’ve only just emerged for this season, but last year they were a staple over tights and under cowboy boots.


What makes them so special is not just that I made the feet and did a great job (although I am extremely proud of that), but that they’re a thrifted item and a repaired item and a handmade item (twice!). Add in their neutral color palette and gorgeous geometric patterns, and I’m forever smitten.


3 thoughts on “Slow fashion October: Week 3

  1. I just love your blog! Always a sweet surprise to read what you are thinking and crafting. You are inspiring me to haul out my closet for a fall clean/purge.


  2. I just did this Sunday for Anthea. Twice a year, seasonal rotation with the purge for what is outgrown or will obviously be outgrown by the time that season comes around again. Then the stuff being hauled back out must be checked again because she grew so much more than I expected since last March when I bagged up winter. Dump it all on the floor means you throw “go away” in the hall and fold “keep” in the drawers and stuff “store” in the bag on the bed.


    1. It’s always a process. With a kid, or as a kid, you have to do it every year, but now that I’m an adult things just…sit around. Spring/summer/fall cleaning!


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