Further thoughts on capsule wardrobes

The thing I keep coming back to is how materialistic the capsule wardrobe seems. Most of the posts I’ve read mention “keeping shopping to once a season,” or paring down your closet to “only 37 items in your spring capsule.” My initial understanding of this capsule idea was that each season’s wardrobe would be entirely different than the previous season’s- 37 pieces each season. If I had 30 items in my wardrobe for each season, that would make for 120 items per year- if we’re excluding underwear, workout and grungy clothes, pajamas, and accessories/jewelry, I have waaaay fewer than 120 items in my entire wardrobe. So, now that I’ve cleared up that little bit of confusion, I’m a bit less dismissive. However, since I don’t dress all that seasonally, I’ll be reassessing my items accordingly. My few seasonal items are almost entirely winter wear- sweaters, coats, and heavy socks (which don’t count). I wear my summer dresses all year round, adding leggings and cardigans in the fall and winter. Same goes for tank tops that layer under sweaters, and skirts that pair as easily with long-sleeved shirts as they do with tees and tanks. Below is a cursory glance of my wardrobe, including a couple pieces off to the left that are on their way out- a dress I bought for job interviews (but then only had one, so I never actually wore the thing), a shirt I just don’t care about anymore, etc.


So, since I’m starting to come around, I’ve decided to try it out. With Unfancy as my guide, I plan to organize my wardrobe and give the capsule idea a fair shake. I plan to whittle down my clothing for where I live, what colors I enjoy wearing, and what fits me now. Since I’ve lost weight, much of my clothing either fits great (better than I think it does) or is way too big, so I’ll be trying things on. What I will not do is go shopping to fill any holes- since I find myself clothed every day and my workplace is relatively casual, I don’t think I need anything specific, and we all know that shopping without a clear plan is the enemy of wallets and wardrobes everywhere.


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