Objects in progress may be closer than they appear

This week has brought positively chilly evening temperatures in the mid-high 60s, and we’ve practically been dancing through our days. I’ve worn socks more days this week than I have in the entire summer, and it’s GLORIOUS!!! That, coupled with Trader Joe’s release of pumpkin spice-flavored everything, means that it’s fall! Of course, to any knitter, cooler temps mean knitting time, and since you’ve seen how I treat knitting in the summer, it’s amazing I get anything else done at all on days and evenings like this. Of course, it’s still nice enough during the day to go to the beach, which just feels wrong.

The socks are coming along nicely, with heels finished. I’m past all the “fiddly bits,” and now it’s just stockinette and ribbing until I run out of yarn or dedication. 

This week, I also finished Mitts #4, a simple pair of ribbed mitts made from another skein of that handpainted sock yarn my dad procured for me. I meant to post in-progress pictures, but I sort of looked down and they were done… This colorway is so lovely. Knitting them up felt very autumnal, like I should be drinking a chai latte and wearing a snuggly scarf, sitting outside enjoying the changing leaves. I imagine they’d look very nice peeking out from beneath the sleeves of a denim jacket.


Of course, it’s nowhere near cold enough to wear a scarf or watch leaves fall, because we are still in South Carolina… But I’m holding onto the memories of the crisp fall weather back in Oregon, when Wes and I would meet for our lunch breaks and walk around downtown, drinking coffee and breathing the fresh air.


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