Okay, seriously now

Some of you more astute readers may have noticed a trend. Those of you who have paid attention to my self-deprecating remarks about getting distracted and not buckling down on my list of projects for Rendezvous in October might perhaps have seen more truth (or self-fulfilling prophecy?) in my offhand remarks than I intended. So, I swear on my needles, here’s the crafting breakdown:

I’ve started several projects in the last few days, including this quick-knit chunky stash-buster of a hat:

I’ve started two pairs of brown handspun mitts, a lighter, more rustic pair with cables and a darker pair with some sort of texture I haven’t chosen yet-possibly colorwork?

As of last week, I’m confirmed as an instructor for Rendezvous in the second week of October. This means that not only do I need to have materials with me, I also need to be ready to teach! It’s important that I get a few more pairs of seed bead earrings made, not just for sale, but for practice.

CIMG0562They’re not my favorites I’ve ever made, but they’re cute and I felt totally comfortable making them. I don’t think teaching this pattern will be any issue- the most challenging part is choosing your color scheme! Next up, fringe-style earrings.


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